Discovering a young Creative!-Moses Ohene

We met Moses Ohene Akrofi at the Financial Empowerment Outreach Program at the Wisconsin Int. University College. After the seminar, we invited participants who had businesses and products to show us samples of their work. Moses came in to show his hand made customized bags and traditional slippers which captivated everyone that was present. Richard Siaw, the Executive Director of the VOIICE Foundation invited him over to his studio for a photoshoot of his products for the VOIICE Online Shop and for an interview.

In his interview with him, he found that he is indeed part of our target population that also deserves support and push for the amazing skills and talents they posess. Moses is also passionate about marginalized groups of persons in society; he showed interests in our rural outreach and training programs where he will get the opportunity to train some members of our target populations in rural communities, produce the products with them so that we sell for them to gain an income.

Yesterday after bringing his products to the VOIICE studio and posting it on our website, we made his very first sale!! Congratulations Moses Ohene Akrofi, we are sure that this will not only impact your life but will impact many others. That is true empowerment!!

Richard Siaw- The Executive Director of VOIICE and Moses Akrofi
Moses hand made slippers and sandals