Our Community Empowerment at Wisconsin Int. University College

On the 2nd of September, Voice Of Inspiring Inclusive Change Equitably (VOIICE) organized a Financial Empowerment Seminar in partnership with the Student Representative Council headed by Mr. Santi-The S.R.C president. This event featured speakers such as Michael Assaku Yeboah-senior wellness coach at Amazon USA, Padmond Jung-Director of Operations, Elsie Koranteng-Marketing Director.

The Executive Director of VOIICE-Richard Siaw introduced to the students of Wisconsin International University College the concept behind the establishment and running of VOIICE introducing them to the core values of VOIICE as well as the motive behind our empowerment of young people; making them economic independent so that they are not enslaved by toxic and abusive environments. He threw light on the Financial empowerment of students, marginalized communities and members of the VOIICE Community. He spoke about all the channels made available to them such as;

  1. Free Skills Training and payment enjoyed even as a student of our skills training school.
  2. Access to market for your skills and products produced.
  3. How To participate in the Community Wealth Sharing for members and target population who do not have any money or business established by VOIICE
  4. Admonished those present to impact their world by referring others into the community to imbibe the values of VOIICE impacting our world.

Elsie Koranteng-Marketing Director of VOIICE spoke about empowering young people especially women and girls. She emphasized on how important it is to learn a skill aside acadaemia in our current world. She also threw light on very relatable occurences in the world of business and that of VOIICE membership that is life changing and would ensure growth in the finances of individuals within the VOIICE Community. She spoke on the importance of branding especially in respect to business and how a simple act like wearing a brand of a bigger organization like VOIICE could impact thier business. She went further to talk to women and girls in the room to never feel limited because of how inclusive VOIICE is of everyone and even moreso, priotizes the needs of women and girls in the education. She shared her experience in business and networking and how having an already established source with the community makes the difference. I must say, most attendees were truly impacted by Elsie Koranteng’s enriched ideas in the world of business and marketing.

Our Operations Director- Padmond Jung threw light on how to use the VOIICE Account. Generally, he practicalized everything that had been taught at the seminar by showing attendees where to find all the necessary resources and help from the VOIICE Community. He highlighted;

  1. How to sign up to the VOIICE Account
  2. How to set up your account
  3. How to refer others into VOIICE
  4. How to patronize goods and services from VOIICE Members and target population
  5. How to earn and check for earnings received from VOIICE.

He also went further to talk about how necessary it is to have a brand and to wear it so you are remembered for what you do.

Our final speaker was Michael Assaku Yeboah- the senior wellness coach who reached out to us from the United States. He spoke about how he came into contact with VOIICE and how his willingness to help with the mental health struggles of members grew to become one that supports them to have economically stable lives. He emphasized how this is important to him especially for those who face violence and discrimination in our society today to being able to remove themselves from harmful environments. He spoke to attendees about the importance of budgeting and also made a promise to selling the goods of members in his shop in Las Vegas, USA.

The S.R.C President in the person of Mr. Santi connected deeply with the vision of VOIICE and the willingness of students in the University to become successful not only academically but all round in the world of business. He admonished attendees present that they should do their best to impact this knowledge to others so they are also empowered to engage in the vision of VOIICE.

Most importantly, Mr. Santi made a passionate promise to all members present that they will get a free stand to showcase any business or skill they derive from VOIICE at their upcoming Hall Week celebration for free. This was such a wonderful news to all members present.

The president of the VOIICE Community also gave free tickets to all students present to come for the TOF Event with free accomodation, food and drinks to celebrate 3 years anniversary with VOIICE and to celebrate the very important step they have taken to change their lives and the world at large.

Young Leaders of VOIICE and Wisconsin Int. University College