Exploring Art: A Beadsmaking Journey with VOIICE Leaders

Art is like a magical tool that helps us express ourselves and feel better. At VOIICE, we love using art to help people and bring them together. Recently, some of our leaders tried their hand at making colorful beads. It was a special time because soon, they’ll be teaching others in our community how to make beads too!

Having Fun and Feeling Good

Our leaders got together in the Wais studios and started making beads with a bead expert. As they worked, they felt relaxed and happy. Making beads turned out to be more than just fun – it helped them feel calm and peaceful inside.

Working Together to Make Something Beautiful

As the beads came together, everyone felt closer and more connected. Making beads is a special tradition passed down from our ancestors, so it made our leaders feel proud of where they come from. Now, they’re excited to share this tradition with others in our community.

Getting Ready to Make a Difference

This bead-making adventure is just the beginning! Our leaders are getting ready to teach others in our community how to make beads too. They’re hoping that by making beads together, people will feel happy, source of income, feel proud, and connected. And who knows? Maybe they’ll discover a new hobby along the way!

Join Our Journey

We’re on a mission to use art to help people feel good, economic empowerment, and make the world a better place. Whether it’s making beads, telling stories, or doing other fun things, we want everyone to join in and have a great time. Let’s come together, make some art, and spread happiness everywhere we go!

At VOIICE, art is like a superpower that brings people together and makes them feel amazing. Come join us as we use art to make the world a brighter, happier place for everyone!