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Ghana Male Sexual Abuse Victims Share their Stories

RELEASE DATE : Jul 30, 2020

CAST : Richard, Masmadi, Andy, Nii and Austin.

Some men from the VOIICE Community came together to give voice to the sexual abuse experiences of other men who have been struggling with their secrets of abuse.


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VOIICE Network

What Ghanaians and Nigerians don’t know about each other

RELEASE DATE : Feb 25, 2021

CAST : Teedum, Linda, Ezekiel and Princess

There are statements Ghanaians and Nigerians make about each other. On this show, we find out if these statements are truth or myth from Nigerians and Ghanaians. These are the statements in reversal order from the video; 1. Ghanaians are better comedians 2. Nigerians speak better english 3. It is possible to bridge the gap between both countries 4. The Ga-Ethnic group migrated from Ile Ife of Nigeria 5. I have been discriminated against by the other country

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VOIICE Network

Fear Of The Unknown 

RELEASE DATE : May 9, 2021
Partners : Buquist Entertainment, VOIICE Foundation and Kente Entertainment

The Fear Of The Unknown Documentary is a film that throws light on the witch camps that exist in the Northern part of Ghana. We also delve into the existence of witchcraft in Ghana while encapsulating the role of mental health in this reality. 


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VOIICE Network

Panel Discussion on mental health and abuse of the aged in Ghana

RELEASE DATE : Apr 30, 2021
Speakers : H.E Gregory Andrews-Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Ama K Abebrese- Actress and Activist, Dilys Sillah- Author, Speaker and Life Coach, Dr. Ramata Seidu- Psychiatrist and mental health advocate and the moderator, Richard Siaw- the Founder of VOIICE

They throw more light in a panel discussion on the abuse of the aged on witchcraft accusations and their mental health in Ghana after watching a documentary, The Fear of the Unknown which encapsulates this menace in Ghana.


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