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Loan Application

Giving non-collatoral loans with low interest rates to active change makers within the growing VOIICE Community and poor vulnerable groups to impart their lives by starting small businesses, expanding their businesses and also addressing urgent needs. Priority is given to young people, women and members of marginalised communities in Ghana and within the VOIICE community. 


Apply For Loan
Apply For Loan

Giving young people a chance to make their lives and our world better!



  • Very poor persons living below minimum wage can apply without meeting the following requirements.
  • Active member of the VOIICE Community 
  • Membership duration of atleast 6 months
  • National ID (Eg: Voters, NHIS, passport, driver’s license)
  • 1 passport size photographs (Preferably on a white background)
  • Proof of Address (Eg: Utility Bill, Directional Map, Rent Agreement, etc)
  • Credit score is based on dues payment plan with VOIICE
  • Set a clear plan to pay back to the third party organization involved NOT to VOIICE.
6 Months
Choose the number of months you've been a member of the VOIICE Community
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