Reached more than 1,000 students at the St.Aquinas High School

Richard Siaw, the Executive Director of VOIICE reached over 1,000 students at the St. Aquinas High School with their financial empowerment program. They were introduced to VOIICE, core values and vision behind the work of VOIICE.

First of all, they needed to be reminded of the statistics of men who are often perpetrators of gender based violence in our society and how they can use mediums such as blogging to being part of the change and then gain income doing it as a social entrepreneur.

This led Richard Siaw to introduce to them opportunities they could take advantage of while in school through the internet that will ensure that they are economically independent by college. This is part of our efforts to making sure that the increase violence against young people because of financial difficulties be eradicated.

Their attention was also brought to the fact that even though Ghana does not recognize sexual violence perpetrated against men, it indeed happens and it is important that they find their voice and report. They are made to realize that if toxic masculinity is the leading of gender based violence in the world, it is important that they reevaluate their perceptions about masculinity.