About Us

Our Mission

Awareness creation is our major tool in conscientizing the society on issues that otherwise would remain unspoken in the society. We seek to support marginalized and deserted individuals by equipping them with tools to become self-sufficient citizens of our society; eventually promoting their sense of self.

Who We Are

Voice of Inspiring Inclusive Change Equitably (VOIICE) is a non-governmental organization that seeks to be the voice for the voiceless in the fight against gender based violence and its mental health related issues.

In the VOIICE COMMUNITY, we empower members to be voices for themselves and others taking down violence by making VOIICEs one person at a time.


A community of people of varied beliefs, nationalities, races, identities, background and of all other social and economic strati coming together to form one voice against violence. 

However, there are beliefs we share in common unapologetically. Our core values of love, respect, inclusion, individuality and empathy defines whom we are.


Creating a society where violence, especially those that are inspired by ignorance and dogma is totally eradicated. Where every individual is treated equally and has the right to his or her own voice.