Empowering Communities: A Journey to Digital Inclusion and Health Advancement


In a recent endeavor to foster positive change, our Programs Manager, Quinesha Bentley, embarked on a meaningful journey to Obomeng, Kwawu, a community situated 158km away from the capital. The purpose of this visit was to lay the groundwork for the launch of our comprehensive digital skills training, creative arts, and safe spaces program aimed at empowering young girls in the region.

Building Partnerships:

During her visit, Quinesha Bentley met with Chief Nana Effah Opinamang III, engaging in discussions about our mission and intentions. The chief, recognizing the value of our initiatives, not only pledged support for our programs but also addressed a crucial need within the community—lack of computers at the clinics. This collaboration is a testament to the power of aligning with local leaders and showcasing how mutual understanding can drive community development.

Fulfilling Promises:

We are thrilled to share that Chief Nana Effah Opinamang III has begun fulfilling his promise by providing computers to the clinic at Obomeng. This proactive step is a positive indication of the impact that collaboration with local leaders can have on community development.

Digital Skills for Health Workers:

With the clinic now equipped with computers, we are eager to implement digital skills training for health workers. This not only enhances their efficiency in providing healthcare services but also aligns with our broader goal of empowering the community through technology.

Empowering Lives:

Our excitement stems from the prospect of transforming lives by providing essential digital services. This includes offering the community the tools needed to make informed decisions for a secure financial future. Additionally, our commitment to creating safe spaces for self-expression, particularly for young girls, aims to empower them against sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

The Power of Collaboration:

This journey highlights the importance of collaboration. Recognizing that we cannot do it all alone, we emphasize the significance of working hand-in-hand with local leaders to instill the importance of technology in community development.


As we witness the positive impact of our collaborative efforts in Obomeng, we are inspired to continue our mission of fostering inclusive spaces and empowering communities. Through partnerships with local leaders and a commitment to digital inclusion, we believe in creating a future where every individual has the tools and knowledge to thrive in the digital era. #Collaboration #DigitalEmpowerment #CommunityDevelopment