VOIICE has 4 projects running throughout the year. Choose one that best suits you.

  • Media & Arts Program

    Since most of the work we do is in awareness creation using the media and all forms of art, international volunteers with these expertise are welcome to engage VOIICE Community members in media learning more and making films together on issues that go a long way to fighting against violence, discrimination and in support of our core values.
  • Culture Exchange Program

    In our exchange program, our international volunteers and the VOIICE Community Ghana get the opportunity to immerse in cultural activities in our environment, the people, culinary among others. This goes a long way to catalyze our core values of inclusion and empathy
  • Mental Health Awareness & Outreach Program

    With the support of our volunteers and members of the community worldwide, we reach out to schools and those in rural communities who have limited knowledge and support in mental health especially as victims of gender based violence.
  • Women Empowerment Program

    Women being the largest victims of gender based violence of so many different forms in Ghana, it is core to our mission to create awareness in ensuring knowledge of their rights, the available support for them and engaging their needs.
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