Outreach to Kayaye girls and women at Mallam Atta Community

Kayaye women and girls are often women who have migrated from rural areas in the Northern regions of Ghana to settle in the capital for work. Unfortunately for them, they are often met with very harsh conditions such as homelessness, cheap and unfavorable labor conditions, sexual and physical violence, and a general lack of access to basic necessities and their human rights. Some of them, as young as 14, already have children from sexual abuse experiences yet without support.

VOIICE visited the Kayaye girls at the Mallam Atta Community these past weeks to do 5 things;

1. Mental health care and awareness.
2. Physical health care
3. Skills Training
4. Donate start-up capital for their businesses.
5. Feed them.

With our team health professionals, we took them through therapy and screenings to ensure their well being. We also engaged them in beads making training( their beautiful work is available on our website), we gave over 100 kayaye girls a start-up capital of atleast 100 Ghana cedis each per person, and we fed them some amazing Ghana Jollof☺️😄.

It has been impactful weeks of ensuring an equal world where Kayaye girls and women who have left their homes in the Northern region of Ghana to face harsh working conditions here in the South are not left behind. Most of these girls are trafficked, homeless and with no form of support. It indeed brought us great joy to have the opportunity to help them mitigate their tough conditions.

Supported by: Rose Service Learning Fellowship, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health