Raped all her life, she works as a cleaner to go to school and to leave abusive home.

Ama (not her real name) has moved from one home to another all her life due to abuse, mostly sexual. She was first raped by her late uncle at the age of 12. When he died, she was relieved because she thought it would be the end of her pain. Moving to another home with her aunt who wanted to give her away to an older man for money, she fled into the arms of another auntie; the home in which she lives currently.

Her auntie’s husband also continued the trend of abuse she had experienced in all 3 homes she had been already. In her current home, she is constantly living in fear as her uncle sexually abuses her the least chance he gets, gives her no money and consistently fearing that she will tell her aunt or anybody else. In the face of all this, she has a burning desire to be better. She is currently working as a cleaner, trying to save up for school and leave her abusive home. What was heartbreaking was that, after the interview we knew she had to go back into the home on a rainy night without her auntie who had traveled that day.

Sadly, a recurring fear she kept making known was breaking her family, it seemed more important to her than her very own safety. She is currently battling hatred for herself and for her parents among other issues of hidden trauma which we trust our psychotherapists to support her with. What we need right now is to raise money to take her out of the home as soon as possible and put her back into school. Her strength and resilience in the face of all she is going through is definitely worth the support. You can send your donations through a plethora of donation options below; Donate: https://paystack.com/pay/supportama Mobile Money AirtelTigo: (+233) 0265218447 Mtn: (+233) 0592020701 Paypal: ask@voiicecommunity.org BANK: Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) BRANCH: Lapaz ACCOUNT NAME: Voice Of Inspiring Inclusive Change ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1763686640001 Powered by: VOIICE Foundation Website: https://voiicecommunity.org/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/voiicefoundationSHOW LESS