VOIICE Support App Workshop

This workshop held on the 19th of June,2021 was an empowering one for young people (VOIICEs and incoming VOIICEs) including qualified mental health professionals  who served as psychotherapist on the VOIICE Support app.

The background and core values of VOIICE were well spelt out to attendees of this workshop. Most importantly, the functions of the VOIICE Support App was clearly expatiated as concerns of VOIICEs were also addressed.

The financial standing of VOIICEs in consideration of their work with us was definitely addressed in a way that meets the needs of VOIICEs. While we also spoke about the needs of VOIICEs interms of medical and educational support made available to them, we further threw light on their monthly earnings as VOIICEs.

VOIICE, being an organization that is aware of the immense ability and power of creatives to change the world, we also made available to them an easy way for them to gain access to our readily available audience and already prepared monetized mediums to meet their financial needs.

All these actions were directed towards empowering young people to work and produce content that will address vital social issues of concern to VOIICE such as gender based voilence and mental health in the achievement of our vision.

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We break down ways VOIICEs can earn by just being a VOIICE.