How VOIICE Financially Supports Individual Members

Since the inception of VOIICE in 2019, September 27th, VOIICE has never received any funding from donor organizations to support projects or activities. Everything that’s ever done is achieved from the personal coffers of leadership and members of the community.

We realized, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic hit that members of our community struggled in the Ghanaian economy that was already unfavorable before the pandemic. We needed to support members especially those who are marginalized in the work space and the world of business for being who they are such as women and vulnerable groups in Ghana. So we put in place two strategies;

  1. We have our own job portal where we link members to opportunities, utilize each others expertise and patronize the businesses of each other. External bodies who want to support the movement also come on to the platform to engage the services of members of our movement. Our portal easily allows you to search the service or product you are looking to patronize based on the location, ratings and feedback you want. You can patronize members by clicking here.
  2. Giving members support for ensuring our growth through a computerized system we call the VOIICE Portal. Our system automatically keeps track of members who are inviting others with similar goals like us to join the movement. We support the livelihood of such members giving priority to every active VOIICE they bring to join the movement. You can join our community to participate in this program by clicking here.