Safe Space for Women with their Sexuality-Shocking Reaction

On the 6th of April last year 2020, we created a safe space for women to share and express themselves on topics in relation to their sexuality with the most emphasis on self-pleasure ( full video below)

The ladies gave very interesting perspectives to their differences, experiences, and thoughts based on who they are and their backgrounds which we thought to share on our Facebook page.

The unacceptance and discomfort people had just by watching people express a part of them that is just human and absolutely not alien to anybody in this world just showed how misogynistic and undeniably uncomfortable we are as a people with our own sexuality.

The reason for none to little sexual education of children from their homes or parents, sadly now, not even the schools since the populace pushed against comprehensive sexuality education when the government tried to introduce it to Ghana’s school curriculum in 2018.

Recently on the news, Ghana being ranked as the second-highest country in the world in the consumption of pornography (although may not be true) is believably okay with the majority since that is the most widely used source of sexual education for young people today. Despite how unhealthy it is, it does not experience the same backlash as comprehensive sexuality education.

Now, the VOIICE Community has therefore built smaller groups and spaces which isn’t publicized to have needful conversations on our sexual health practices, and lifestyle without being judged or abused for it.

We have these conversations on our hangouts, camps, and events to better educate ourselves on best sexual practices to enhance our sexual health and pleasure.