A woman in Taifa is thrown out of her home on witchcraft accusations.

This is Madam Raminatu. She was married to a ‘wealthy’ man with a daughter. She was thrown out of her home because she’s believed to be a witch; the reason for her husband’s failure in business. She’s been separated from her daughter too. Where she is seated outside at Taifa, Accra, has been her home for more than two months.

She sleeps outside facing the harsh weather conditions. What makes it worse is that the people in the neighborhood have bought into the idea that she’s a witch, a god or demon who can destroy their fortune. They therefore treat her so badly. Then we met the family of heroes, Pearl and her son who are the only ones who care for her by giving her food to eat everyday. Her husband has been against it convincing people she’ll destroy the work of their hands if they help her. In the face of this, Pearl and her family have always been there.

This story got to the @voiicecommunity and we decided to raise some funds for her as soon as we could and to giving voice to her story on film(showing soon on the voiice Network) to create awareness and also to get some help for Raminatu. The first thing she needs is psychiatric help and then a shelter since she has nobody to turn to. Story covered by @voiicefoundation And powered by @waisreelproductions