Fear of the Unknown Documentary Shooting

The story is about witchcraft accusations in Ghana. Basically, we want to know if Ghanaians believe witchcraft exist by finding out from people if they see, encounter or experience witchcraft activities.Research is conducted by visiting religious bodies such as churches, mosques and shrines to know their thoughts about witchcraft and how they detect hosts of this perceived power.

We find out usual actions taken against people who are accused of witchcraft. Based on our findings, we probe further to reveal the impact of this belief on the society.How are witches and wizards detected?Understanding why old men and women are often accused of witchcraft is important to us. A trip to Gambaga in the Northern region of Ghana to hear the stories of locals and inmates of the witch camp to answer most of these questions remains imperative. It’s our mission to visit schools and other communities to consistently educate them about this reality in society.

Fear of the Unknown is an insightful documentary that takes a look at the lives of inmates at the Gambaga witch camp in the Northern Region of Ghana. The documentary delves into the obvious questions surrounding the mystery of witch camps in Ghana.Delving into the minds of people living in this culture is one that brings to life the reason behind the existence of such beliefs from centuries till date.An eye-opening perspective in this documentary on mental health also gives a lot of meaning to the issue; interviewing professionals, religious and traditional leaders in a society where witchcraft accusations abound.