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Kayaye Girls Volunteer Outreach

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Kayaye women and girls are often women who have migrated from rural areas in the Northern regions of Ghana to settle in the capital for work. Unfortunately for them, they are often met with very harsh conditions such as homelessness, cheap and unfavorable labor conditions, sexual and physical violence, and a general lack of access to basic necessities and their human rights. Some of them, as young as 14, already have children from sexual abuse experiences yet without support.

On the 3rd of January, we start an outreach program in communities where Kayaye girls and women have settled to offer mental health support and awareness, skills training, physical health support, and training community leaders on how to help their members access VOIICE Support technology where they can access their health and monetary needs in a more sustainable way.

You can include your experience, skill and motivation that is convincing of your capabilities as a volunteer of your chosen role.

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