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VOIICE Management Roles

Deadline: 15th October, 2022

We are recruiting a dedicated voluntary core team for VOIICE for the following management roles.

  1. Director of Communications and Public Relations.
  2. Director of Community Engagement and Creative
  3. Director of Training & Youth Development
  4. Director of Philantropy
  5. Diversity and Inclusion Director

Fill this form to apply and upon receiving a response in your email, respond to the email by attaching your CV/RESUME.

We break down the following job roles as follows;

Director of Communications and Public Relations Job Description

We are seeking highly diligent, confident candidates with substantial management experience in communications. The position comes with great responsibility, as communications directors are accountable for public perception of VOIICE. Managing this perception involves developing marketing and communication strategies, understanding the importance of timing and setting, responding to crises and setbacks, overseeing a team of diverse communications roles and ensuring that information released is consistent with the strategy at large.


  • Developing a cohesive communications strategy.
  • Assembling and overseeing a diversely skilled communications team.
  • Crisis management and preemptive planning.
  • Cultivating an environment of readiness and alertness.
  • Maintaining an awareness of VOIICE risks and threats.
  • Projecting a positive image of VOIICE to the public.
  • Managing media relations.
  • Managing a communications budget.
  • Ensuring quality control of all information released.
  • A hand in social media marketing strategies and implementation.


  • Have some media contacts.
  • Clear understanding of social media marketing strategies.
  • Awareness of and proficiency with communications technologies.
  • Experience in stakeholder/community engagement.
  • Clear and concise communication with team members and senior management.
  • Strong and confident leadership.
  • Must be passionate about the goals and vision of VOIICE.

Director of Creative & Community Engagement Job Description:

We are looking for a talented and motivated creative director to lead VOIICE’s creative department. The successful candidate must possess excellent leadership qualities, with the ability to maximize the talents of their team.

As the creative director, you will work closely with the graphic design , products from the entrepreneurial departments as well as the Creative Department in arts and media to deliver engaging content that meets our objectives and goals. You should be extremely creative, dedicated, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • Working with the brand team to produce new ideas for VOIICE branding, promotional campaigns, and marketing communications.
  • Evaluating trends, assessing new data, and keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques.
  • Directing brainstorming meetings and creative sessions.
  • Shaping brand standards and creating procedures to ensure all products from VOIICE Entrepreneurs sell and fit our brand and goals.
  • Keeping the VOIICE community engaged and intune with the organization
  • Building and running a vibrant creative department.


  • Background in art, graphic design, marketing, communications, journalism, and other relevant fields.
  • Brilliant interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Have some understanding of brand development and multichannel marketing models.
  • Must be a creative and strategic thinker.
  • Must be passionate about the goals and vision of VOIICE.

Director of Training & Youth Development

Director of Training and Youth development identifies the needs of young adults and develop, implement and evaluate programs that can assist them. Needs to understand how social, political and educational factors can influence the mental, emotional and physical growth of youth, women and marginalized groups. They are also knowledgeable about the government-based, public and private programs and services that can help to meet the developmental needs of this population.


  • Design and implement development program for target communities
  • Oversee the implementation of VOIICE Entrepreneurial department
  • Optimizing benefits for engaged youth in programs and workshops.
  • Supervise engaged youth to reaching their maximum potential and development goals
  • Develop and esure the running of VOIICE Training and Orientation programs.


  • Youth development administrators need outstanding communication, solid reporting and networking skills.
  • Professionals employed in human and social services should also be compassionate and well-organized.
  • Prior experience with youth development and training
  • time-management and problem-solving skills are also essential.
  • Must be passionate about the goals and vision of VOIICE.

Director of Philantropy

The Philanthropy Director (PD) is responsible for the development,
implementation, coordination, and expansion of VOIICE’s fundraising program. The PD provides
oversight of and supervises data entry staff, volunteers, and consultants. The PD works closely with the Executive Director to
integrate all elements of the organization’s fundraising functions with our Strategic Plan; successfully meets annual
revenue goals; and integrates the vision, core values and culture of the Organization.


  • Identifies new partners, subawardees/subcontractors, and/or donors to enhance VOIICE’s capabilities and expand our programming.
  • Stays abreast of funding priorities of VOIICE’s major donors.
  • Supports VOIICE program and field staff’s relationship building with non-traditional donors and partners.
  • Build a vibrant team for donor and partnership research.
  • Develops strategies and plans in coordination with the Executive Director to fund the Organization’s vision.
  • Works closely with Executive Director to develop partnerships with major individual, corporate, and foundation donor prospects.
  • Implements systematic efforts to identify, solicit, steward, maintain and upgrade annual giving donors.
  • Manages the grants program, including work related to grant writing and reports, proposal
  • Development and submission, relationship building, and the timely submission of grant proposals to private and public foundations, grant makers, and corporations.
  • Oversees direct mail campaigns and coordinates seasonal donor acquisition. Reviews and makes recommendations for improvement.
  • Collaborates with Executive Director to develop strategies for all donor related events.
  • Assists in budget preparation and monitors overall departmental revenue and expense.
  • Building great relationships with donors.


  • Experience networking with high profile professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Possesses excellent skills in oral and written English communications.
  • Must be detailed, deadline oriented, and comfortable managing multiple projects within tight schedules.
  • Has direct or related experience in at least two of these areas: direct mail appeals, major gifts, special fund
    raising events and capital campaigns.
  • Able and willing to make an “ask” and “close”
  • Possesses the ability to work effectively with others in a positive, cooperative manner.
  • Willingly signs a confidentiality agreement.
  • Must be passionate about the goals and vision of VOIICE.

Diversity and Inclusion Director

Job brief

We are looking for a Diversity and Inclusion Director to cultivate a supportive and inclusive work environment for community.

Diversity and Inclusion Director responsibilities include crafting policies, implementing inclusion programs. To be successful in this role, you should have experience and knowledge of human rights legislation.

Ultimately, you will ensure we provide equal opportunities to all persons.


  • Design company policies that reinforce diversity in the workplace and the community, address all kinds of harassment and protect minority groups and women.
  • Be a part of training members on the subject of diversity and inclusion.
  • Revise and update all communication on our website, social media pages, job descriptions and internal documents to ensure we use non-discriminatory language
  • Review our selection criteria to verify they’re objective and strictly job-related
  • Recommend benefits packages that cater to all members and staff
  • Measure and forecast diversity metrics
  • Act as a consultant to underrepresented groups and make sure all voices are heard
  • Organize trainings to boost communication abilities and team spirit
  • Represent our organization at various career events (like job fairs)
  • Ensure compliance with but not limited to country regulations on diversity and equity
  • Recruit and Coordination of disability services

Requirements and skills

  • Good knowledge of labor and human right legislation
  • Participation in seminars about diversity in the workplace is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Must be passionate about the goals and vision of VOIICE.

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