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VOIICE Mentorship Program

Becoming a VOIICE Mentor & Stakeholder

This program matches well screened, established, successful and thriving persons around the world to active VOIICEs and young people from marginalized groups in Ghana to mentor and guide their educational paths, career, relationship and even financial goals.

This program is good for all young people especially;

  • Young people who lack mother or father figures in their lives.
  • Young men or boys who want to express positive masculinity.
  • Young people from marginalized groups in Ghana.
  • Girls who battle  insecurities or worth.
  • Girls who have been socialized into believing gender inequality stereotypes.
  • Recovering survivors of gender violence.
  • Young people who lack direction or purpose.
  • Mentors who are in search of purpose.
  • Parents who want opportunity to bond and be better role models to their children.


This program is undertaken in a number of ways;

  1. Organizing regulated activities for young people who lack male or father figures in their lives to bond with their mentors or fathers such as reading, painting or music.
  2. Young men and women who are passionate about certain skills, crafts, career paths or knowledge are matched with accomplished older persons in those spaces of interest to engage and learn from them.

Our Mentors are also stakeholders who contribute $8.77 which is GHC50 equivalent every month to qualify. Others simply subscribe to donate specifically to this cause without actively participating.

As a stakeholder, we will stay in touch with you, communicate with others as we are open to hearing from you.  This money is used to support our activities. In this program, mentors may keep getting requests of mentees, swap mentees or have mentees recommended to them. As soon as you subscribe to this program, a form will be sent to your email for us to know relevant information about you to match you to the right mentees in Ghana.

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