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About James Kambosiya

James Kambosiya holds a Bachelor’s degree in BA. Integrated Community Development from the University for Development Studies.
He has experience in community outreaches typically in rural communities that were poverty eradication based. In his experience growing up he has witnessed people live in abject poverty where there are absolutely no structures in place to safe guard their lives. He believes that young people who live in poverty are often susceptible to rape, prostitution or to engage in unwholesome activities to survive. For many others, they can’t even afford the “luxury” of knowledge of their rights.

His educational background and career pursuits has consequently broadened his scope of knowledge on some developmental issues in Ghana including participation and empowerment as the vital approaches to sustainable development and an essential component for building more reliable and resilient communities.
He personally believes that empowerment and skills training are not only a fundamental aspect of life but are building blocks to making society a better place.

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