Our Activities

Our major activities are geared towards activism in creating awareness on gender-based violence and it’s related mental health issues. Empowering members to be voices for themselves and the voiceless.

Film & Documentary

Film is such a powerful tool in capturing viewers into the lives and issues which they may not have otherwise been able to understand or even realize the devastating effects of them. We use this channel to create awareness of gender-based violence in the most inclusive way.


Music they say is the food for the soul. It is an instrument of awareness creation that is employed in conscientising the public on issues that remain voiceless and in the empowerment of the vulnerable and marginalized.

School Tours

We visit schools to empower them to be voices for themselves and others most especially against violence. We sign them up to be VOIICEs and give them the support at building their voices and their sense of self.

Rural Tours & Crusades

Travelling to the rural areas and raising crusades and talks about gender based violence as well as showing them films of this in their local dialect will draw them in to understand the subject matter better. We seek to have interactive sessions with these people to understand their plight and finding requisite solutions to eradicating the incidence of gender based violence

VOIICE nights & Talk Shows

 It is one of our major mediums of getting the community and the public together to investigate, discuss and build each other up.


Running a podcast that brings to life real-life untold stories of individuals that suffer gender violence especially marginalized persons will be aired in dramatic ways to capture the emotions of listeners to experience their realities with them. 

Sessions of eye-opening interactions and messages are shared.

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