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“Every voice matters”



“Homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto”

No matter your religion, your beliefs, identity, race, rich or poor, you are all welcome…

We are community passionate about seeing a better world devoid of violence and discrimination. We hope above all else, that many generations after us will be safe whether they fall into a minority or not. We are fighting for a future where the idea of marginalization will be eradicated and people’s sense of self protected.

We are winning the battle against violence converting VOIICEs one person at a time.


Join to serve

The joy of being part of a mission that’s greater than yourself is the most cherished treasure of life.

Our Belief

Our core values are Love, Empathy, Inclusion, Individuality and Respect.

Our Vision

Creating a society where violence, especially those that are inspired by ignorance and dogma is totally eradicated. 

Our Community

We are made up of people of all religions, gender, beliefs, races, nationalities etc.